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Fire Warden / Marshal Training Course 

Fire Warden Training Course has been designed to meet the requirements of both the 1981 Fire services act and regulation 9 of the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work act 2005. 


Course Content:  

  • Chemistry of fire 

  • Identification of fire hazards in the workplace 

  • Assist in the management of evacuation procedures and drills 

  • How to raise the alarm 

  • Selection and use of the correct fire extinguisher 

  • Fire blanket in the event of a fire emergency situation only if it is safe to do so on an undeveloped fire.  

  • Mechanics of fire, smoke, and dangerous gases 

  • Fire extinguishers, hose reel equipment, and fire suppressants 

  • Incidents involving flammable liquids and gases 

  • Storage of flammable liquids and gases 

  • Common fire safety features 

  • Elements of compartmentation 

  • Means of escape 

  • Duties of the Fire Warden in emergency, pre-emergency, and post-emergency situations 

  • Hazard spotting and elimination of bad practices 

  • Legislation 

  • Methods of Evacuation  


Irish Health & Safety Solutions trainers are fully qualified trainers having achieved Level 6 in the National Framework of Qualifications to teach fire safety and are qualified safety practitioners holding formal qualifications.  


Who Should Attend:  

Employees designated in their employer’s Safety Statement emergency plans to act as a Fire Warden / Marshals.  



Assessment is by theory test 

The course has combined theory and practical demonstration in the safe selection and use of fire extinguishers. 


Refresher Training & Certification Validity Period:  

Refresher training is recommended at intervals not greater than 3 years.  


Additional Information: 

DVD and laptop projector presentations are used. Fire Warden/Marshal Notes are provided for each participant. 



Irish Health & Safety Solutions Fire Warden (Marshal) Training Course Certificate is awarded upon course completion.  


Course Duration: 

 5 Hours  

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