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Primary Food Safety Level 2 Refresher Course

This course is designed by Environmental Health Officers and is certified by the professional body for Environmental Health Officers, the EHAI. Irish Health & Safety Solutions is a licensed Trainer by the EHAI and we are listed on the Environmental Health Association of Ireland Website. 

If you have already completed The Primary Food Safety level 2 Course within the last 5 years, the Refresher Course is relevant to update your food safety knowledge and standards.  

What you will learn:  

  • Food safety and HACCP 

  • Food poisoning causes and pathogens 

  • HACCP and the hazards associated with food  

  • Food poisoning bacteria and how to control them  

  • Cross contamination and how to prevent it  

  • Delivery and food storage protocols 

  • Correct procedures for preparing, cooking, cooling  

  • Reheating and serving food  

  • An awareness of the responsibilities for good personal hygiene  

  • Cleaning and disinfecting processes 

  • Pest control and prevention 

  • The powers of an enforcement officer.  


The course is certified for a future 3 years.  

The refresher course will take 4 hours to complete and includes a written exam. 

Irish Health & Safety Solutions will correct your exam and submit the corrected exam paper to the EHAI for External Validation. 

Results are processed by the EHAI and certificates issued within 3 weeks. 

These courses can only be delivered on site or at a designated venue. 

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